Liège, third city in the country, is situated less than 100 kilometers from Brussels, 35 kms away from Maastricht (Netherlands), 45 kms away from Hasselt and 70 kms away from Aachen (Germany).

Belgian city anchored at the heart of the Euregio Meuse/Rhine, Liège is at the centre of Europe. Numerous companies -European or not, want to settle down in our area.

Therefore Liège has an international vocation.

Logo AEA - International Lawyers Networks

It’s indeed quite naturally from many foreign companies -or their counsels- to get in touch with lawyers from Liège to get information about the state of our legislation, particularly in matters such as financial, commercial, taxing and social.

From now on, Leges can meet the needs to these questions : since 2006, we have been a member of the A.E.A. (European Association of Lawyers) (, a lawyers’ network the head office of which is situated in Alicante (Spain).

This network, born/created in European Community, gradually extended to the Eastern countries, candidates wanting to join the E.U., then to the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Asia and Africa. Today the AEA counts more than 2000 members over 185 countries.

 We can thus offer our services to those who wish to establish in Belgium or simply to get information on our legislation but also to direct our local clientele to reliable specialists, following very strict ethics, everywhere in the world when it’s necessary.