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In order to be transparent Leges decided to go on line, to be available to the public and particularly to creditors and to deal with all the bankruptcies entrusted to them.

Therefore, from the opening of the bankruptcy file up to the closing, the creditors andthe bankrupt can constantly get information and that, without expenses -on the state of the bankruptcy they are concerned about :

  • pronouncement date of declaratory judgment
  • official receiver’s name
  • proceedings date of verification of debts (a recent law allows to deposit actualized proceedings at the office of the clerk of the Court every 4 months for 16 months),
  • proceedings and annual statement giving details and economic asset condition paid and of those remaining or are at risk to be, settlement expenses, amount of the debt, order of privileges, repartition perspectives, duties to be accomplished and the presumed date of closure.


Our site also contains advertisements concerning some assets for sale (buildings, stock-in-trade, vehicles, stock, etc).

These informations are available on