It can be either for a simple legal advice or before the start of a complex litigation, for us it’s absolutely essential for the customer to be clearly informed right from the beginning of the financial involvement for our intervention.

That’s why, from the first contact, our fees and expenses are discussed with the customer who allows him/her to estimate -if not the precise amount- which would widely depends on different factors of which we are not quite aware at the time –but at least the way of estimating and charging our fees..

As a rule, our fees are fixed as followed :

In all the files, an hourly fee which varies from 75 € to 200 € in relation with the file complexity, it’s degree of emergency, our specialization with the treated matter as well as the customer’s financial situation.

Essentially, in all files assessable in money, where the customer appears as the claimant, a success fee, which consists of a percentage (generally 10%) of the recovered amount, interests and accessory. In case of applying a success fee, at the time of closing the file, all amounts paid as provision fees will be deducted (not the expenses).

Our fees are actually recorded as following :

  • opening and archives fees : 50 €
  • type-written documents fees (per page): 9 €
  • photocopies fees (per unit) : 0,50 €
  • office work fees (phone-fax-e-mail) flat-fee 10% of type-written documents
  • traveling fees : 0,40 €/km
  • sums advanced by the lawyer on behalf of his/her customer : at running price

Our prices are exclusive VAT. VAT amount to 21%.