Justice is a right, to defend it is our job

Leges (« laws » in Latin) is a law firm founded in 2006 that has become, in less than 10 years, a full-fledged law Polyclinic, providing a variety of specialised legal services covering most fields of the everyday life of individuals as well as companies.

When it does not cater for a specific field, Leges also assists its clients in finding appropriate and well-known specialists whom it works with regularly.

Our services

To private individuals : Leges offers a quality assistance which covers most of the daily life legal aspects : family difficulties, main residence leases, commercial and professional leases between private individuals and companies, prejudice caused by accidents, in law of universal application as well as for employment injury, building rights, over indebtedness, consumption, protection for disabled people, rights for youth, driving, etc.

To companies : Leges also offers a large range of services, which starts from their creation up to their difficulties or dangers following financial problems, along with development and stabilization phase :

Commercial law

  • Drafting of contracts (company contract, partnership contract, commercial agency contract)
  •  Commercial leases
  • Debt collection
  • Financial criminal law
Lawyer : Didier GRIGNARD
Lawyer : Bernard NOWAK

Company law

  • Drafting of contracts (transfer or purchase of business, partnerships, statutes and by-laws (of company and non-profit organisation)
  • Analysis of the memorandum of an association and its financial planning, drafting of shareholders’ agreements or good administration charters if necessary
  • Resolution of conflicts between business partners or managing directors
Lawyer : Didier GRIGNARD

Law related to ailing firms and bankruptcy

  • Restructuring of ailing firms (interim administration, procedure of judicial reorganization, governance)
  • Judicial orders (receivership in insolvency procedures, interim administration, compulsory liquidations)
Lawyer : Didier GRIGNARD

Social Law and debt mediation

  • Employment contracts
  • Social security (unemployment benefits, social insurance, retirement benefits, Income Support, etc.)
  • Work injuries insurance
  • Debt mediation
Lawyer : Didier GRIGNARD
Lawyer : Laurine PAULY

Criminal law

  • Common law offences (assault, drugs legislation, good conduct)
  •  Criminal Court

Construction law and property law

  • Architect and building contractors liabilities
  •  Commercial leases, main residence lease, and common law leases
Lawyer : Didier GRIGNARD
Lawyer : Bernard NOWAK

Family law

  • Divorce
  •  Liquidation of matrimonial properties
  • Parentage
  • Youth protection

Insurance law, liability law and traffic law

  • Insurance contracts
  • Driving offenses
  • Driving accidents
  • Family civil liability
Lawyer : Didier GRIGNARD
Lawyer : Bernard NOWAK